1 Kings 17:7

1Kings 17:7, Convert, Drought, Famine, Happiness, Life, Mouth, Progress, Restore, Situation, Tongue, Trapped, Unclean, Words


When God’s people utter words from their Master out of their mouths those words bring life and power to the hearer and to any dead situation.

The exact opposite happens when the agents of satan utter the words of their master. The words spoken bring destruction and every unclean thing to the hearer and to the situation.

The power of the spoken word is shown and felt as indicated in the event described by 1 Kings 17:7 [KJV] – “And it came to pass after a while, that the brook dried up, because there had been no rain in the land.” The prophet Elijah had spoken words that produced results of no rain for three years as a consequence of the sins of the household of Ahab the present king at the time. As the words came off the lips of the prophet they took life and produced three years of no rain upon the land. Brooks dried up and a sore famine took place.

This period of dryness only stopped by the word and power of God speaking through His prophet who spoke rain into existence after a three year long dry spell.

This story shows us the power of life and death wrapped up in the tongue. God’s word brings life and happiness when spoken, but the words of the enemy – Satan bring confusion, death and destruction. God’s word brings light, correction, truth and genuine improvement, but the words of the enemy – Satan bring darkness,flattery, deception and fake progress !

Today we have the ability to choose to use the words of God to heal, restore, convert, de-stress and deliver individuals trapped in the prison house of sin and hopelessness. Let each of us strive to utter the life changing words of the Savior to everyone we meet and refuse to use the enemies words of death that only help to tear down and destroy.

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