In The Handwriting Of A Lovely Toddler!

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How many of us know that Homelessness is rarely the result of laziness, rudeness or lack of ambition. The unbridled facts reveal that a unique story lurks behind the story of many of the faces of the homeless individuals we pass everyday. The harsh realities of substandard employment, vomit-stimulating-salaries, the chronic decay of solid values and the inhumanity handed out by humans to humans – all contribute to and put into gear the systems that we now have that disable our own flesh and blood from being able to achieve.

If you happen to work at a restaurant that sells burgers…but the cost of one burger is more than your hourly wage… you know what i am talking about. The challenge though is that we have come to a point where we want to light a candle amidst the darkness of oppression we see daily.

We want this post to be a place where you feel to drop by anytime and add in the comments section below any new ways and specific things we can do to help the Homeless and Poverty Stricken.

We will be making this a sticky post at the front of “Rejoice” – so it is always easy to find!

In the handwriting of a lovely toddler we have put a graphic to list our first 10 ideas. We will also be adding other ideas that have come to us in the comments and want to thank you in advance for your help and ideas.

Thanks for the help we received from the lovely toddler.

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