An SOS Prayer Against The Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

An SOS Prayer Against The Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), Covid-19, Economy, Facebook, Focus, God, Health, Help, Jesus Christ, Kneel, Pandemic, Prayer, Salvation, Urgent

Dear God,

We come begging You to forgive us for our many sins, failures and faults. We ask for You to send Your angels to rescue us globally from the Corona virus COVID-19. We are in need of an urgent cure. People worldwide have been dying each day and each night –  the virus continues to spread quickly and the medical systems and officials are overwhelmed – they have no real solutions to stop this troubling and aggressive pandemic fast.

However, we believe and throw every ounce of faith and trust into this prayer for You to heal the persons already infected and stop this virus in its tracks. You are the one true God of Abraham, Moses, Peter, Stephen, Paul and so many other people who have trusted You for healing, freedom, resurrection, protection and deliverance in the past.

Today the 25th of March 2020 we lick the floor in humility for humanity worldwide to make it right with You and to grasp Your divine hand begging You for Your help at in this uncertain and treacherous time.

We claim the power of Jesus Christ and we give You all the praise for hearing and answering this prayer. Give us the courage to kneel down and beg you for our forgiveness and life. Help us to block out the tanking of the economy and all the other secondary stuff that can be worked on only if You help us get through this. This is our prayer as we claim the promise You have made to us in John 14:14 – “If ye shall ask anything in my name I will do it.”

Thank you God


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