The LED Screen Battle !!!

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Sight is a very precious, important, and amazing treasure. Nearly everywhere we turn there is a screen of some sort giving us information or instructions or fun. However. these computer screens especially the LED type need to be used cautiously, in adequately lighted environments and with a determined self-control. I am sharing this information because I have first hand experience with the rapid deterioration of vision that takes place owing to prolonged use of LED type screens on tablets. Symptoms of excessive screen use include: watery eyes, blurred vision, eye pain, forehead tension, and even a feeling of being in an overwhelming anxious situation similar to extreme jet lag.

To win the fight for your sight – limiting your use of screens is very helpful. Here are five important steps to preserve your vision. Make a concious effort to avoid applications or apps or apks that are:

1. Addictive

2. Slow – slow during use or slow during start up

3. Eye glue – these types of apps include certain competition games like car racing for example where you can not take your eyes off the screen for prolonged periods.

4. Never used – these are those apps that you do not use but just sit around consuming space and slowing down yuor device performance.

5. Time wasters – these include some internet browsers where all your saved speed dials and bookmarks are gone suddenly because these program/apk have no option to export of import your speed dials and bookmarks before you delete your data folder. So from the time you need to reinstall or uninstall that internet browser you have to guess what your speed dial and bookmarks were and do the process all over again.

Our vision is precious and I thank God and praise His Glorious Name for the vision He has allowed us to have. If you have any other steps you take to preserve your vision feel free to add them in the comments section below.

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