Underpaid Work Damages Your Health Too !!!

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These days a lot of conversation is centered on different ways to preserve and improve our health. Experts tell us that if we Exercise, Drink lots of water, Eat a balanced diet, Rest our bodies, Grab our vitamin D from sunlight, Breathe in clean air and have a Balanced Lifesty will be just fine! And to our experts all over the world we say heartfelt “thank you!” – for this is brilliant advice.

However, the breaking news today is that “Unpaid Work Damages Your Health Too!” and the shocking part of this fact is that the vast majority of persons on earth today are highly, grossly and dismally underpaid! You may be saying why would I stop to write a post on this topic? Why do i think people are underpaid in the first place? My answer would be that i think people are underpaid because i see it everyday and i smell the literal venom that saturates the air as our world becomes more obsessed and captivated by greed for wealth.

Let’s stop and delve into this a little deeper – if I am employed by a company that wants me to make a product and sell 200 of those products in one hour, but i am being paid a salary that allows me to only buy eight of these same products I made after working for eight hours straight – there has to be something weird, wicked and worthless about that company. To be clear – companies and employers that have the nerve and gall to treat their workers like this and then report millions and billions of dollars/pounds profit each year are part of the biggest problems we have in our world today.

Lets go a little deeper – why should an employee have to pay 80% or more of his or her salary towards (Apartment Rent + Transport) or (House Mortgage + Car Mortgage) or (House Rent + Train/Bus fare) or any such combination that just allows you to have somewhere to sleep + some way to get to your job?

Take a look around you and just pause and examine the grief that is taking place as the vast majority of people struggle to decide which part of a balanced diet they should buy today. Gone are the days for many people where they could buy wholesome balanced meals. And do you know Why? Because of Underpaid Work. It does not matter what type of work you do, it is time for us as humans to be fair and be conscious of our inconsistencies and the impossibilities we create in our world. Why should one phone cost someone’s entire monthly salary? Yet the same people who make that phone are poverty stricken because of worthless wages!

Then we have some persons who quickly jump in and try to muddy the water by saying that the “Economy” is to be blamed because we have Supply and Demand operating and so “Supply” and “Demand” tell us how much to charge and “Supply” and “Demand” create our prices. To these people I say we also have “Love” and “Hate” and “Love” and “Hate” inform every decision we make everyday.

Love gives us the chance to be fair and honest and value each other. Hate on the other hand empowers us to be unfair, cheat and undervalue each other.

There are so many mothers I know who wish they could take their children off baby formula but they can’t! Why do they have to use baby formula and miss out on bonding with their babies? Because of some employer with a shriveled conscience who refuses to pay the mother whom he has employed enough cash so that she can breastfeed her child and collect a proper salary that allows her to take care of her bills, savings and retirement comfortably. Jeremiah 2:13 says “For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken Me the fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water.” The LORD God, the LORD of heaven and earth gives us an opportunity today to choose love. Today you and I can choose to embrace God who is the fountain of living waters and receive the power from Him to do right, to be honest and love each other! Today you and I can choose to throw out into the trash the broken cisterns and the broken systems that we have hewed out and made for ourselves. God’s love will empower you and I to throw out our Selfishness, our Greed, our Dishonesty so that He can fill us with Genuine Love and Genuine Care and Genuine Concern for each other.

And when you have the opportunity to speak up on behalf of someone who is Underpaid, do not neglect such a great opportunity to inspire love.

*** All Bible texts quoted above are from the King James Version, unless referenced differently.
Photo Credit: https://pixabay.com/en/man-relax-break-reading-news-214189/

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