How To Stop Riding Sadness

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Sadness is not usually a Toyota, an Audi, an Austin Martin or a Suzuki – but every now and then something happens that moves a person into a state of sadness – it could be a failed exam, a missing person, a broken chandelier, an expired insurance, or even the very sad thing you are thinking about right now that keeps popping into your mind everyday or every ten minutes or at random times.

The challenge we have as humans is to redirect and cancel where possible the sadness that can be robbing us of the blessing we are experiencing today. Flushing sadness from our lives is not as easy as we might think at first glance. Some try destructive methods like alcoholism to flush their sadness – but as we see each day, alcoholism reignites or always stimulates more sadness.

So how do we stop this constant sadness – this ride that is so often available and compelling us to go strolling down memory lane to take a peek at our past distresses? Unfortunately, the sadness ride even invites us to get into the front seat where you can start worrying about what other sadnesses might pop up around the corners we have not reached to yet. The sadness ride wants us to predict future wants, future flat tires and other future problems – where will I send my children to school? What will I do if another category 5 hurricane comes next week? What will I eat after the World’s Top 10 Seed Companies have corrupted the last non-GMO seed?… and the questions go on and cannot stop. So how do I stop riding sadness:

1. Stop focusing on sad things – every time one comes into your mind find three amazing things to be thankful for right at that moment.

2. Don’t pay the fare for the sadness ride – sadness breeds when we don’t restrict its growth. Sadness makes us sick and cause disease which brings more sadness. Refusing to pay the fare for the sadness ride may mean taking radical steps like throwing out the items that trigger our sadness. For example, if I broke a vase that was given to me by someone special and it is irrepairable then instead of keeping it to reignite my sadness – I throw it away.

3. When sadness pulls up to offer you a free ride, refuse the sadness ride and redirect your sadness to giving hope and happiness to others. Take a trip to your local prison, local hospital or some other place where you can spread love, hope and happiness by making someone’s day special. It could be as simple as meeting a poor mother or a jobless father on the street and offering to get them a meal or a pack of pampers.

4. If you find yourself kidnapped on the front seat of the sadness vehicle and the ride begins to get scary and dangerous – close your eyes and begin praying. Jesus is willing to send thousands of angels to rescue you. Sadness is a state that has come about because of sin and Satan, but God gives the victory over every state of sadness. God’s power extinguishes sadness and demolishes the sadness vehicle and as we pray to him he gives and communicates to us new pure sources of joy and rejoicing.

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