In Solidarity With London

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As I held the last “cherry-sized” piece of soap in the bath my heart imagined – what if this was my last “cherry-sized” piece of soap? What if I had no more bars of soap in storage? And suppose I had no money to buy food and another bar of soap? Then I will automatically go into survival mode and try as hard as I could to make sure this last tiny “cherry-sized” piece of soap did not drop. I would make sure this last tiny “cherry-sized” piece of soap was used to its fullest…because in the back of my head I know that soon I would have no other choice but to face this world with stink armpits and an odor I myself would have to duck from!

When our brothers and sisters lost their lives on the 3rd of June 2017 in London and our other brothers were gunned down by police because of their horrific actions, the whole world stopped to listen…how could such a savage tragedy happen to people in one of the “richest/most secure” cities of the world?

The fact is acts of terror are being committed each day on every level as the hearts of men and women grow cold and desperate. When persons find themselves in the predicament of not being able to buy food, get credit/loans, pay for transport because wages are so low and jobs are so hard to locate – they are experiencing terror. When persons can not walk on the road in peace because they are afraid of being run over by some cruel/impatient driver – they are experiencing terror. When persons feel so unsafe that they fear to send their children to school or to take a walk in the park and do other normal everyday activities – they are experiencing terror.

So you may ask what is the solution? We need to go back to our beginning and embrace the fact that each one of us are brothers and sisters – we have one earthly father Adam, but we also have one Heavenly Father Jesus Christ. Even though difficulties have arisen along the way of life – we human beings are the ones who print the pounds – we human beings are the ones who print the dollars – we human beings are the ones who withhold loans from the poor – we human beings are the ones we withhold love from our own flesh and blood – we human beings are the ones who have propelled and supported racism – we human beings are the ones who have made unjust laws. In all of this we also have the power to change – to stop the selfishness, and to choose to love our fellowmen – we can decide to pay people better and higher wages, we can decide to share our bread with the hungry and thirsty, we can decide to treat people nicely, we can decide to think about the welfare of that lonely orphan as much as we think of our own welfare. Today is the day we can begin to make the change – a change that will benefit everyone.

I could only begin to imagine how the seven individuals felt when they realized in London this could be their last day. I could only imagine how the perpetrators felt as they became aware that this could be their final day on earth too – as the police came closer. Those sinking feelings must have felt pretty much worse than how I felt having my last “cherry-sized” piece of soap. In solidarity with each one of you of my brothers and sisters out there in whatever trial you may be facing and in solidarity with each one of the families that lost loved ones or experienced injury in London on 3rd June 2017 or any other terrorist tragedy in the past – from my heart to yours – today I heard this song and was inspired to share its lyrics and a video of it with everyone in this trying time:

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