Can You Smell My Next Post?

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When we delve into the sweetness of 2 Chronicles 18, we see two kings – King Ahab and King Jehoshaphat in deep conversation about their strategic and tactical plans as they were on the verge of fighting a war at Ramothgilead.

Jehoshaphat punctuates the discussion with a show-stopping question – Jehoshaphat wanted to know: what was God’s take, what was God’s position on this war……did God even want them to go?

Ahab gathered together a group of prophets – 400 of them who blurted out – “…Go up; for God will deliver it into the king’s hand.” – 2 Chronicles 18:5

Have you ever been in a position where you feel like the answer you are hearing is a prepackaged, biased, prepaid, non-independent, fraudster answer?

Well from all accounts Jehoshaphat suspected foul play and so he pressed further, asking, “… Is there not here a prophet of the Lord besides, that we might enquire of him?”

Ahab’s sweaty-palm time intensified as he had to admit there was yet one man in whom they could enquire of the Lord…this man was not a yes man though!…this man was not a fraudster…this man was not a prepaid, prepackaged prophet.

As soon as Micaiah the son of Imla came on the scene, even the messenger began to tell Micaiah what Micaiah should say…you get the feeling and see the reality that Micaiah’s loyalty to God blatantly shouted: “Can you smell my next post?” “Ahab ! Can you smell my next post?” “Messenger ! Can you smell my next post?” “400 Prepackaged prophets ! Can you smell my next post?”

When I read the story in 2 Chronicles 18 from time to time, I get the impression that the consciences of all these men were working…they all knew except King Jehoshaphat who Micaiah was, they knew what Micaiah was about to say…they knew the word of God is true, clean and pure…they knew the word of God had no political agenda…they had already started to smell the post Micaiah was about to release!

Micaiah’s post got him a hot slap across the face from Zedekiah (2 Chronicles 18:23) and an immediate prison sentence where he was to be tortured with bread of affliction and with water of affliction, until Ahab returned. (2 Chronicles 18:26).

But the question is: Was Micaiah’s post true, clean and pure?

*** All Bible texts quoted above are from the King James Version, unless referenced differently.
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