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Praying can be challenging: setting the right environment, keeping our minds focused, remembering all you wanted to pray about and spending a suitable quality of time in prayer are just some of the challenges. However, there are methods we can use to inspire us to pray for longer periods. I remember when prayer time for me used to be one minute or less of “fast-forwarded repetitious chatter” as I hustled to the point that said “In Jesus name, Amen.”

Fortunately though, as life’s challenges increased and the weight of the cares of this world protruded it became clearer to me that praying is a necessity and if I am going to reap any rewards from prayer I must spend more time with God and this time must be quality time.

So my latest plan is this and you are encouraged to try it too.

Step 1: I make myself a luxurious glass of homemade peanut punch three hours before I want to start praying. [Click here for recipe.]

Step 2: After taking two sips of my freshly made peanut punch I put it directly in the freezer section of my fridge.

Step 3: For the next two hours I do my washing, cooking, whatever I have to do. As soon as those two hours are over. I begin praying to God – that is talking to Him and listening to His still small voice.

Step 4: It might take me about 30 minutes to tell Him what is on my mind.

Step 5: Then for the next 15 minutes I pray for specific people who might be sick, discouraged, etc.

Step 6: Then for the next 15 minutes I ask Jesus to reveal Himself to me.

Step 7: At the end of my prayer I head for the refrigerator where my chilled Peanut Punch awaits me.

I have found this method to be very inspiring, yet very simple. You can try it too (you don’t have to use peanut punch as I did, you can use another healthy drink) and if you like – go right ahead and leave a comment in the comments section.

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