Unrestricted Prayer Against Trafficking – December 2016


Dear Lord,

I come today first and foremost to bless your name and to give you all the respect and praise that is due your holy name this Christmas season and every season. I come specifically praying today for individuals who are being trafficked. As I read the news I am constantly seeing this vice appearing more and more in the headlines. It is a evil that must be stamped out. It is a great cruelty of a human being against his fellow human being. It is a savage, disgusting and disrespectful act. It causes a person to lose their self worth and feel degraded and humiliated although they did nothing to deserve this being done to them.

For every adult and child that is being trafficked for sexual gain, monetary gain or for whatever immoral reason I ask the God of heaven and earth to look down and act. To bring to justice those who are oppressing their fellow human beings in this way. I come interceding on behalf of the victims that God would bring justice and healing for them and a fresh clean start. I pray against every device of the enemy regarding this new and growing trend. I pray that every device by the enemy to oppress people in this way may be brought into check by God. I pray against every boat or plane or truck or any form of transport that is being used to traffick people that they break down and the oppressors cannot use them to traffick anyone. I pray that God might convict the heart of the oppressors so that their hearts might be heavy with the act that they are performing and that the Holy Spirit might convict them of their wrong doing.

I praise God in advance for answering my prayer and I claim His promise in Deuteronomy 31:6 on behalf of each victim of trafficking.

One thought on “Unrestricted Prayer Against Trafficking – December 2016

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