Grace And Standards Versus Vanity And Confusion – Part 3

Just this week I came across this video right here and thought to myself that some people can be really mean and cruel to others. Imagine having to take 15 baths just to fit into society’s so-called standard of how you should smell…or else you lose your job or become an outcast!

Man’s inhumanity to man has reached epidemic levels! There are so many little categories that we take time to put others into that just does not make sense – just because they look different from us, talk different from us, have some disability we feel we don’t have…But tonight I just want to encouage someone who might be feeling like a second rate citizen down here on this earth – remember that you are not a second rate citizen the blood of Jesus Christ was shed on Calvary for you too and it doesn’t matter if you are homeless or in a palace, it really doesn’t matter if you are sick with a life-threatening disease or in optimal health, it doesn’t matter if you feel accepted by friends or family – tonight or today whenever you read this post just know and believe that God in heaven, my personal Friend, is available to you. He cares about every single situation you go through and He can help you through each storm you face.

If you are facing cruel responses because you have difficulty Living and Working with Trimethylaminuria (TMAU) – do not give up – God has a special love in His heart for everyone of us each one of us here on this earth has been created by Him for greatness! We just need to ask Him to keep on working on our meanness and change it to compassion.

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