Grace And Standards Versus Vanity And Confusion – Part 2

Encouragement, Fear, Fearful, God, Grace And Standards Versus Vanity And Confusion – Part 2, Jesus, Opportunity, Panic, Pray, Promise, Rationalize, Rejoice, Worry, Wrestling

In Naaman’s Case:
Belief obeys in humility
Unbelief orders another recipe
2 Kings 5:1-14

In Deborah’s Case:
Belief takes God at His Word
Unbelief wants cushions of support
Judges 4

In Hezekiah’s case:
Belief Prays
Unbelief Panics
Isaiah 36:12 – Isaiah 37:38

In Zechariah’s case:
Belief believes that with God nothing is impossible
Unbelief asks for more evidence
Luke 1:11-80

In Jairus’case:
Belief takes hold of God’s promise even when things look bleak
Unbelief laughs God to scorn
Luke 8:41-56

In the case of no food:
Belief sees lack as an opportunity for God to provide
Unbelief shudders with fear and cries impossible
John 6:1-14

In Peter’s case:
Belief is overjoyed with the blessing
Unbelief is still in shock and rationalizing the situation
Acts 12:1-14

*** All Bible texts quoted above are from the King James Version, unless referenced differently.

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