Unrestricted Prayer For The Millions Of People Who Are Finding It Difficult To Balance Their Budgets – November 2016

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Dear Jesus,

I want to pray today especially for the millions of people who are finding it difficult to balance their budgets. Our world has taken a crazy turn financially that has left many individuals and families hanging unto a thread of hope that their financial situations will get better. Today on behalf of all those who are plagued with this daily problem, I pray for a solution that will bring clarity and relief.

Lord, I am requesting that a way be made for those who cannot find work to be able to find work. I pray that others who may have work but are being exploited on the job and given meager salaries that cannot allow them to buy their necessities, will find other jobs and fair opportunities where they can feed their families adequately. Lord I also pray for those who are penniless, homeless and destitute that your angels will comfort them and inspire those who can help them to share their bread and water on a regular basis with those in need. I pray for those also who have access to a huge salary but are making bad decisions with the funds they have in their possession – help them to see that their present resources can be used to relieve genuine lack and to create jobs for those who are unemployed.

Lord please give each of us who desire to do better the faith and courage to follow through with budgetary decisions and actions that will glorify Your Name. Please remove the agents of hardship that try to propel hardship worldwide by increasing prices and selling poor quality goods. Please give those in positions of authority the backbone they need to stand up to principalities and powers that try to cultivate more hardship and harder ways of doing everyday tasks. Please cripple companies and organizations that are deceitful and want to destroy human life by creating inhumane and harsh fiscal policies to take away bread from the tables of families and poor persons. Help us to realize that each of us has a role to play in this great opportunity called life and give us the courage to know how to always approach your throne night and day with every problem, situation or budgetary inadequacy we face.

Thank you Lord for hearing our request in Jesus’ Name Amen.

*** All Bible texts quoted above are from the King James Version, unless referenced differently.

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