Unrestricted Prayer Against Injustice – August 2016

Unrestricted Prayer Against Injustice - August 2016, Justice, Prayer, Love, True, Kind, Fair, Righteousness, Hope, Courage, Thoughts, Relationships, Power, Court,
Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for a new day! -A new opportunity to praise and bless your Name. A new opportunity to do what is right and just in your sight. Today I want to pray for the courage to do what is right and pleasing in Your sight. I want to pray for everyone reading this prayer that they might have the strength to do what is right and to execute justice wherever necessary. I pray that all injustice everywhere might be brought into check and that all who presently practice injustice might refrain from such practices and be transformed by Your wonderful power. I ask for Your grace for myself and everyone reading this prayer so that we might have the ability to be just and true in all we do. Help us to be kind and fair to our fellow men.

I ask for prejudice, envy, hatred, malice, bitterness and anger to be eradicated from our emotions and way of thinking since all these act as a catalyst for us to engage in acts of injustice. Replace these emotions Lord with your attributes of love, joy, and peace so that we can be beacons of hope to each other. Help us each day to make it our duty to sow seeds of peace to our fellow men. I pray that each day Amos 5:24 might be our anthem -“But let justice run down as water and righteousness as a mighty stream.”

Thank You in Jesus Name

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