6 Energy Stealers You Must Sabotage

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Recently I had the unfortunate experience of turning on my kitchen pipe and suddenly realising that the water that should have come through the mouth of the pipe was down to a mere trickle. Upon further investigation I came to realize that there was a hole at the neck of the pipe through which most of the water flowed. It was like a 90/10 rule. 90% of the water was gushing back into the sink while 10% or (5%) was coming through the pipes mouth. The hole in the pipe’s neck was stealing the energy that should have caused the pipe to function properly. Similarly, there are six crucial energy stealers that greedily compete for our very life and existence.

The first energy stealer is Bitterness. According to the Oxford Dictionary Bitterness can be defined as “Sharpness of taste; lack of sweetness.” Bitterness is the direct opposite of sweetness. A bitter person is exacting, mean, petty, and harsh. They mean meanness and you can hear and feel their sharpness in their words and actions. Whether we are bitter towards others or receive the bitterness someone else has to share, we must find some way to dump this deadly poison in the trash.

The second energy stealer is Wrath. The Oxford Dictionary denotes Wrath as “Extreme Anger.” Many of us can testify of a situation which could have been resolved in a calm peaceful manner, however, excessive force was used and this excessive force created an even bigger mess.

The third energy stealer is Anger. The Oxford Dictionary tells us Anger is “A strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility.” Anger burns our energy and opens our heart to satan. It feeds on the wrong someone has done to us and asks satan how to fix the situation. Then satan suggests some stupid, wreckless solution that just gets us into more trouble. Choosing what to be angry about is very important. Good anger is different and very specific. It is wholly motivated by God’s righteousness and has no petty or selfish desires.

The fourth energy stealer is Clamour. The Oxford Dictionary states that Clamour is “A loud and confused noise…..” Confusion tends to create a paralyzing effect. It saps our energy and steals our joy. As our minds try to decipher and figure out what is taking place around us, loud confusion stresses our nerves and depletes our energy. This can be proven simply by researching the methods used in concentration camps. Clamour also has the effect of short-circuiting our ability to reason and gives demons easier access to weaken our consciences and actions.

The fifth energy stealer is Evil Speaking. Speaking about food when I am hungry makes the feeling of hunger increase and overwhelm my thoughts. Similarly, Evil Speaking robs us of energy and life. Salivating and chewing on Gossip increases and overwhelms our thoughts with Gossip. Criticizing others increases and overwhelms our thoughts with Criticism. Speaking reconfirms to us that what we said is worth learning, so as we indulge in Evil Speaking we challenge and force our minds to gather Evil and learn it. This cripples our energies because Evil destroys itself and also destroys anyone who practices it or becomes its friend.

The sixth energy stealer is Malice. The Oxford Dictionary describes Malice as “The desire to harm someone; ill will.” Malice is malignant like a cancer. Its only desire is to keep eating away at the mind of the individual who has “The desire to harm someone” until they act to cause harm to the targetted individual. Malice has no sympathy, empathy or good will. This energy stealer is a double-agent – it poisons and destroys the person who tranports the Malice around with them 24 hours a day and also ends up destroying the targetted individual as soon as an opportunity arises.

Time to Sabotage these Six (6) energy stealers! How do we sabotage them?
1. By practicing Kindness
2. By being Tenderhearted
3. By Forgiving one another

When my pipe had a hole in its neck recently. I had to do some DIY using some plastic bags to try to stop the leak in the pipe’s neck. However, this was just a temporary, fiddly solution. I had to go for a Drastic Measure – contact a certified plumber and have him install a new pipe! This was my only option – if I wanted to be sure that I could freely and easily use my kitchen pipe – swinging it back and forth to wash my dishes and cook. No plastic bag contraption could ever fix the lack of energy that I felt as the water came through half-heartedly. I needed a new kitchen pipe.

Drastic measures are my only option and Drastic Measures are your only option when it comes to sabotaging and defeating these six energy stealers. I must encourage myself each day and you must encourage yourself each day too. There is a much better and more rewarding option, as Paul closes Ephesians 4 he puts it this way:

“Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamour, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice: And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.” – Ephesians 4:31-32 KJV.

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