Unrestricted Prayer For Victims Of Sexual Violence In All Its Forms – March 2016

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Dear Jesus,

Our prayers ascend to You for Divine instruction, Intervention, and Willpower to defeat sexual crimes in all their forms. We publicly acknowledge that there are chronic problems that we are facing in our societies worldwide in this area and we humbly repent and acknowledge that we need Your Supernatural input to defeat these enemies of our souls. This month we pray for those who are bombarded by sexual harassment on the workplace. We pray that the minds of all sexual predators will be arrested by Your Divine Power to make a complete turn from the lifestyle of sexual bullying to a lifestyle where genuine love, and genuine respect for life are treasured.

Dear Jesus we pray for healing and justice for all who have been victims of sexual violence. Please provide support, strength, and guidance for all who have been hurt in this manner. Please create a stir within the populations to rally for and enact laws that will protect the vulnerable and disadvantaged. We also pray that the management of companies that resort to using sexual innuendos and perversions in their advertisements will stop this practice.

We pray for all pornography addicts that they will get the strength to pour out their hearts to You on this matter. As soon as they cry out in faith, please Jesus, hear from heaven and grant them deliverance and a deep hatred for all forms of pornography.

Dear Jesus, we want to pray especially for the release of persons abused by human traffickers. Release Your angels from heaven to assist in the deliverance of children and adults who are being prostituted and molested. Give the governments of every country the bravery to stand up against pedophiles, pimps, bribes, and all sexual criminals.

Dear Jesus, in cases where individuals know and are convinced that homosexuality, fornication, adultery, beastiality, rape and such practices are wrong – help each person to dismiss fear and bravely campaign for clean holy living. Help us to reject every from of sexual perversion and courageously promote prayer for sexual purity.

Dear Jesus we thank You for hearing and answering our prayer in Your precious Name, Amen.

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