I Can’t Know More !!!

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Some scientists say that we only use ten percent [10%] of our brain!  Whether this 10% statistic is true or not depends on a number of factors, however, what has become incredibly clear to me these past few weeks is that: ” I Can’t Know More !!!”

If my Creator did this!… and guaranteed this!… and gave me an escape route from The Extent Of The Curse… and allowed Songwriters to write like this!… and provided these! for me to eat!… and told me how to deal with this!… and helped me take this! photograph… and took the time to explain this!… and educated me on this! … and blessed me with Ultimate Satisfaction !!!… and shared this!… and revealed to me how to enjoy the smaller baby steps!… while stooping like this!!!

I definitely know that my stubborn heart, my force-riped intellect, my blind vision, my coward bravery, my proud humility, my grudging kindness and my self-inflated righteousness guarantees that “I Can’t Know More !!! than God !!!”


Image above compliments: absfreepic.com/free-photos/download/science-and-technology-5032x3355_14634.html

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