Immediate Praise – June 2015

Average, Bags, Beats, Cereal, E-books, Friendship, Hummingbirds, Immediate Praise – June 2015, Minute, Painkillers, Praise, Second, Shampoo, Statistics

Three of the most dazzling statistics of the Hummingbird are:
1. It’s dive speed of 60 Mph!

2. It’s wing speed of 50-80 beats per Second!

3. It’s heartbeat can in excess of average 1260 beats per Minute!

Hummingbirds provide another remarkable reason to give Immediate Praise. This month I give God praise for:

1. Bags

2. Shampoo

3. Genuine friends

4. Tissue paper

5. Speedometers

6. Cereal

7. Painkillers

8. Cotton

9. Drills

10. E-books

11. Exercise equipment

12. Post

Image above compliments: GeekPhilosopher: Instant download of free stock photos, images, backgrounds, and desktop wallpapers. Pictures can be used on personal or commercial web sites.

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