How To Beat The Competition?

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If you live in the country the tallest structure you might see is a coconut tree! If you live in the city the tallest structure you may see is a skyscraper!

Over the years generations have come and gone. People from all walks of life have had offspring who came into this world as newborn babies. These newborn babies have grown up to become adults and these adults have gone on to have children of their own. Similarly, there has been a constant desire to compete among human beings. People of every age have competed among themselves and today is no exception! People tend to want to be the best at what they do. People want to beat their competition.

So the question is: “How to beat the competition?” To beat the competition, one needs to be wise. To beat the competition, a special kind of wisdom is needed. Although this wisdom is from above, it is not restricted to the tops of coconut trees and the pinnacles of skyscrapers. This wisdom has unique characteristics and it can be accessed by kneeling in prayer and talking to God about all our situations.

This wisdom is:

1. Pure
2. Peaceable
3. Gentle
4. Easy to be Entreated
5. Full of Mercy
6. Full of Good Fruits
7. Without Partiality
8. Without Hypocrisy


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