On The Edge Of Success

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One of the most energetic and inspiring experiences we can have as a reader is the process of re-reading an article that we read previously. Whether the article is in the form of a blog, newspaper column, or an exciting classic there is a special energy boost that comes from the process of re-reading superior content. Superior content tends to always provide us with: adequate information about the situation in question, non-partisan glimpses of the conversations taking place, and golden nuggets – lifetime lessons that help us grow exponentially!


The big day had finally come, the people were on the edge of success! The superior content comes from Numbers 14 KJV. Here we have a dramatic situation, the people of Israel had left Egypt walking on dry land through the Red Sea. Numerous miracles had accompanied them along the way but the fight between good and evil continues to present challenges as documented in the book of Numbers. Numbers 14 does not fail to deliver superior content. By the time we arrive at verse 4 the Israelites are about to choose a new leader and return to the slavery they experienced in Egypt. On one side we have Joshua and Caleb reinforcing to the people that they are on the edge of success. They are about to inherit the land which floweth with milk and honey while on the other hand the people are on the verge of stoning Joshua and Caleb. Moses does not hide the fact that there was intense opposition even on the edge of the promised land.

Today I would not delve into the consequences that followed. Today I would not focus on the incredible patience and profound leadership of Moses. Today I would not dwell on the importance of dismissing negative people. Instead, our attention is fixed on the five golden nuggets found in Numbers 14:9-11. Right here in these 3 tiny verses are found five golden nuggets – five lifetime lessons:

1. Rebel not against the Lord
2. Their defense is departed
3. Fear not
4. Provoke not the Lord
5. Believe the Lord

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