What If There Were No Toilets?

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Could you imagine what would happen if there were no toilets? The fertile imagination of some persons might want to suggest that all we would need to do to cope with this is to have every human being wear pampers! So your cab driver, your doctor, your cashier, your real estate agent, your swimming instructor, your cupcake baker, your attorney and even your immigration officer would all be wearing pampers. This widespread dilemma would hit every single living individual! Those of us who possess a problem-solving worldview would begin to try to grapple with the logistics of when, where and how the entire world’s population is going to cope with switching over from a visit to the toilet to an eventful pamper change. I can begin to hear or even see environmentalists drafting up petitions to ensure that adequate disposal of used pampers takes place without harming our environment especially our water supplies.

Thankfully, however, we have toilets today, but there is one similar problem that has plagued mankind without exception! The problem is this: we are all prone to make mistakes. Every human being has this problem. Whether we want to call it an oversight, a misdemeanor, a “mix up”, a blatant wrongdoing, a sin or an error, our challenge is bigger than ourselves. Our challenge to cope with our own mistakes and the mistakes of others is as huge and even greater than that of a world where there are no toilets!

When Amy Carmichael penned the words to the song – “Eternal Love, We Have No Good” she communicated in depth the unfailing Source of Strength that is available to us when the failures surround us. In her beautiful song she wrote:

Eternal Love, we have no good to bring Thee,
No single good of all our hands have wrought,
No worthy music have we found to sing Thee,
No jewelled word, no quick up soaring thought.

And yet we come; and when our faith would falter
Show us, O Love, the quiet place of prayer,
The golden censer and the golden altar,
And the great angel waiting for us there.

When the mess around us rains on our parade or tingles our noses with fits of disgust and smells of despicable outrage, we can rest in the quiet place of prayer. This quiet place of prayer to our Father and our God where sin cannot molest is one of our most precious blessings. Just like we have read about “How To Give Away The Accursed Load” we have the privilege of placing ourselves Near to the Heart of God. No one can stop us from placing ourselves Near to the Heart of God. Once you can think for yourself, you can talk to God for yourself. He understands our simplest prayers. Placing ourselves Near to the Heart of God allows Him to take care of our mistakes and empowers us to overcome our mistakes and live a progressively better life each day!

As Cleland B. McAfee puts it: Near to the Heart of God is “a place of quiet rest”, Near to the Heart of God is “a place of comfort sweet”, Near to the Heart of God is “a place of full release.”

Today no matter how messed up your situation may be there is a place where you can be safe. Jesus loves you and He is concerned about your situation and is longing for you to give Him all your worries, needs, discouragements and tragedies in prayer. Trust Him today and pray this prayer in the stillness of this moment:

Lord Jesus, Fill my cup, Lord, I lift it up, Lord!
Come and quench this thirsting of my soul;
Bread of heaven, feed me till I want no more,
Fill my cup, fill it up and make me whole!
Thank You Jesus, Amen.

Image above compliments: http://abstract.desktopnexus.com/wallpaper/428151/

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