Immediate Praise – April 2015

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The Word on the street is that Flour is one of the most versatile foods that we consume worldwide. According to the UK flour milling industry produced 4 946 000 tonnes of flour in year 2013/2014 – that’s close to 5 million tonnes produced in just one year! So just imagine what the world production figures for flour will look like. It is no secret that we are in love with flour. Today, I have to admit that there are some foods that I enjoy, for which I must give Immediate Praise! Eating these 12 foods right here create a sort of romantic love story between my taste buds, my digestive juices, my mind, my stomach and my day!

Just click on the links below to see these beauties in living color:

1. The Mouth-Watering Roti

2. The Succulent Pretzel

3. The Yummy Croissant

4. The Juicy Dumplin

5. The Tasty Johnny Cake

6. The Lucious Apple Pie

7. The Sizzling Taco

8. The Extraordinary Muffin

9. The Flamboyant Crepe

10. The Delicious Pancake

11. The Scrumptious Pizza

12. The Exquisite Cinnamon Bun

Today I give Immediate Praise to God for His wonderful blessing – Flour! With more Immediate Praise for the creativity He has given to us to make a multitude of exotic dishes that are off-the-chain!!!

Image above compliments: GeekPhilosopher: Instant download of free stock photos, images, backgrounds, and desktop wallpapers. Pictures can be used on personal or commercial web sites.

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