Immediate Praise – March 2015

I could just imagine the sheer joy and emotion going through the man’s mind as he sees the healing take place live! The skin all over his body is now brand new, but in the presence of his sheer joy and immense emotion, he defies logic, friends and family and with Immediate Praise heads with rocket-launcher speed to find the One who made his healing possible. Just as the Apollo 8 Saturn V Rocket takes off in the video above – so does this man defy all the factors around him even the gravitational pull of unthankfulness and the peer pressure of his 9 other friends. The entire drama as it enfolded and the power of Jesus Christ to heal is found right here.

So too today with Immediate Praise in March 2015 I give Jesus Immediate Praise:

1. For Protection from the everyday evils that are ever present in the world

2. For Clouds overhead that keep me cool

3. For a Warm Shower

4. For the Opportunity to serve others

5. For a Wonderful Lunch today

6. For Protection from creepy crawley harmful insects

7. For Healing

8. For Sweet smells

9. For Volume

10. For Relaxing Environments

11. For Forests

12. For Comfortable Sandals or Slippers

One thought on “Immediate Praise – March 2015

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