12 Benefits Of Overcoming Materialism !

12 Benefits Of Overcoming Materialism !, Materialism, Meal, Stocks and Bonds, Materialism, Possessions, Success, Choice, Thankfulness, Ocean, Faithful, Photos, Life, Inspiration,

1. You can go right pass exorbitantly priced goods without being tempted or losing sleep over your decision to resist.

2. You can give away earthly possessions with ease, especially when it blesses someone else who is in desperate need.

3. When posed with the choice between helping people and cherishing objects, people come first by far.

4. You can spend more meaningful time out in the natural world admiring God’s creative power – the strength of the ocean, the wisdom of animals and the determination of plants to grow and beautify our environment.

5. You begin to realize that there is no need to hoard gold reserves and stocks and bonds when soon and very soon there will be streets of gold available for you to walk on. (Revelation 21:21)

6. Your thankfulness changes direction from being “possession” oriented to being “grace” dominated.

7. You prayers start to become predominantly for others and their salvation.

8. When you pray for yourself you concentrate on becoming more faithful to God rather than a long list of material stuff.

9. You begin to allow your family to have the privilege of using your finest china/cutlery without taking in with a fit.

10. You begin to view your most desperate challenges as pebbles that you place in the hands of Jesus while trusting Him for every solution and every breakthrough!

11. When the choice is yours to choose between a nutritious meal and a gadget the choice is obvious – your health is much more important.

12. You are strong and courageous because you know your whole duty and practice it.

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