Immediate Praise – January 2015

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Sometimes in life there are some blessings that are so huge you have to pull off the road, apply emergency brakes and give immediate praise! This year 2015 brings with it such phenomenal blessings that demand a 0-60 mph in 2 seconds praise break! In 2014 we focused on the series ‘My Alphabet of Praise’, but this year, fresh out of the starting block is Immediate Praise 2015. This idea was born from the overwhelming power of OTT (over-the-top) blessings that cause us to want to leap, walk and praise God.

In life there are situations like:

– The sudden birth of a newborn baby
– The shriek of a diver threatened by a school of shark
– A medical emergency
– The sound of a fire alarm
– Mistakenly driving in the wrong direction of a busy free way

These situations cause us to want to respond with immediate effect!

As one guy said this month, “Everyday God gives me on earth I am happy.” It was also no exception that the man of Acts 3:2 was bubbling with off-the-chain excitement. He had originally requested money in the form of silver and gold, but to his surprise the remarkable healing power of Jesus working through Peter and John gave him an OTT blessing:

– The ability to leap!
– The ability to walk!
– The ability to run!

The ability to leap, walk and run had tremendous possibility for growth built into the package! Being able to leap, walk and run meant that:

– The man’s prospects for employment were immediately increased
– He could share with a wider cross section of people how much Jesus meant to Him
– Everyone who saw him now and knew him before would see that his miracle was real and astounding
– He didn’t need to wait for others to mock and insult him because of his situation, but now he could reach back and help others who might have also being unable to leap, walk and run
– Those who never had issues with their feet were now confronted with the shouts of this man’s praise. They could now see that the blessing of leaping, walking and running that we take for granted each day is no small blessing. It is a huge one that should help lift our minds into the presence and love of Jesus Christ.

Therefore today I leap and jump and praise God giving Him all the glory and Immediate Praise for:

1. Cool refreshing sea breeze.
2. Air to breathe.
3. The gift of sight.
4. The beauty of companionship.
5. Cold water to quench thirst after a sunny walk.
6. Shoes on my feet to protect me from the dirty road.
7. A hot plate of food to eat.
8. Escaping a major accident on the road
9. The ability to hear
10. Light
11. Elegant uplifting music
12. Beach Picnics

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