Seven Ways To Excel At Starving My Inner Grump !

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Everyone knows it – No matter how Happy the New Year started, that bubbly, hopeful feeling can fade suddenly when you meet a Grumpy Person who might just have dealt with another Grumpy Individual. Or, chances are that the Grumpy Person you met was self-taught and self-motivated. Still, there are those Grumps that grow out of a bad situation or trying circumstance. Challenges of every variation keep pressing relentlessly at our most authentic smiles, our most cheerful dispositions and our warmest happy spirits.

Sometimes as I fight against my own tendency to sail down the slippery “Grump slope” or my urge to go for a roller coaster ride on “Grump 4×4.” However, I have realised that there are quite a few solutions and steps we can take to divert from the “Grump Party Highway!”

So when the “Inner Grump” decides to challenge me I grab for a superstar arsenal of “Seven Ways To Excel At Starving My Inner Grump !”

1. Cast all my grumpy situations on Someone who can bear my burdens!

2. I escape with a dash of speed to a place of Safety where I can learn to kick my Grump Addiction to the curb – here is where I go.

3. I refuse to trust in oppression and refuse to make people’s lives miserable. Instead I go to the Source of all power right here.

4. When support systems fail I go back to University right here.

5. When disaster strikes and an army of Grump Experts try to box me in and my “Inner Grump” demands food – I starve it by refusing to fear.

6. I maintain a strong belief that a brighter day is coming.

7. I move from the presence of grumpy people and I take a seat right here.


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