Awesome Privilege !!!

Awesome Privilege !!!, Clean, Degradation, Found, Holy Spirit, Infinite, Leisure, Nation, Pleasure, Poetry, Power, Shower

These refreshing words of power penned by Percy Dearmer remind us how privileged we are to participate in making the world a better place:

Father, who on us do shower
Gifts of plenty form Your dower,
To Your people give the power
All Your gifts to use aright.

Give pure happiness in leisure
Temperance in every pleasure,
Wholesome use of earthly treasure
Bodies clean and spirits bright.

Lift from this and every nation
All that brings us degradation;
Quell the forces of temptation;
Put Your enemies to flight.

Father, You who sought and found us,
Son of God, whose love has bound us,
Holy Spirit, in us, round us,
Hear us, Godhead infinite.

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