The Beauty In “Seasoned Chicken!”

Panic, Jesus, Barbecue, Chicken, Food, Success, Baby, Vacation, Family, Chicken Wings, Stamina, Voyage, Insult, The Beauty In "Seasoned Chicken!"

Just yesterday morning I was cleaning and seasoning some chicken wings that just happened to look like they wanted to be photographed so I grabbed my camera and this was the result. It was as though something about these particular chicken wings screamed “we are picture perfect.” Then I started to think about the different feelings or urges that arise when we have a task to perform.

Take for example, most people who are about to go for a relaxing vacation are usually excited about going. Anticipating the sun, sea, sand, nature, flight, voyage, food and the list is inexhaustible. On the other hand, only some people anticipate or get excited about cleaning, washing clothes by hand, going to the dentist for a root canal procedure, or even taking out the trash every morning.  By comparison, even fewer people would feel the urge to do a wearisome task that has minimum benefits. It is just like my chicken wings the greatest pleasure and pulsating urge comes when they are ready to eat! (not when they need to be cleaned, seasoned, bought or reared as chickens.)  And then it struck me that this is a life principle that challenges us every day.

Life demands that we harness our minds to appreciate the small baby steps in every worthwhile journey that we begin and as we cherish these steps joy begins to pour into our lives even at the points along the road that seemed at first to be less rewarding.

So I begin to even see so much beauty in my “seasoned chicken” that I can’t help admiring it to the point where I want to photograph its beauty.  After observing stalwarts of principle in the Bible, I have come to realise that they saw the beauty even when their “seasoned chicken” was stolen from them or threatened. Their eyes were fixed on their ultimate goal and this gave them the stamina they needed to push on through their challenges.

Job after losing his family and possessions: Got up – Tore his robe – Shaved his head – Fell to the ground and worshipped. [Job 1:20]

Hezekiah after receiving a letter laden with threats, intimidation, insult and mockery: Went to the temple of the Lord – Spread the letter out before the Lord – And prayed to the Lord. [2 Kings 19:14-15]

Jesus, while his life was being hunted, emotionally harassed, and spitefully interrogated by the Pharisees: Refused to let them ride his back by panicking or asking God to save him – Instead Jesus said “No, it was for this reason I came to this hour. Father glorify your name.”

Paul gives his own experience in 2 Corinthians 11:25-27 below:

Panic, Jesus, Barbecue, Chicken, Food, Success, Baby, Vacation, Family, Chicken Wings, Stamina, Voyage, Insult, The Beauty In "Seasoned Chicken!"

But Paul does not give up! He knows the challenges – the not so nice tasks/experiences and Jesus’ grace will make him strong!!!


To enjoy the finished product – the delicious fried/curried/barbecued chicken involves growing to the point where I begin enjoying the smaller baby steps that lead to my final successes!

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