How To Keep The Devil’s Neck Under Your Foot

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One of the trends I have noticed on Food Network particularly on the Chopped Show is quite thought-provoking. I have observed that contestants are given the meat of weird poisonous creatures like snakes to cook. This trend to embrace the eating of strange creatures is certainly as crazy as taking your new Lexus or GT and pouring orange juice into its fuel tank. In order to maintain a healthy body a determined effort to avoid all processed food and eliminate all poisonous food from our diet is necessary. Our Creator God indicates in Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14:1-21 what type of diet we should follow. Certainly our ruthless enemy – the Devil – does not want us to enjoy super health. The Devil’s aim is to con us into believing that we can make GMO adjustments to our food and fast-track our bodies into glowing beacons of health by consuming processed foods and unhealthy options. To ensure that we keep the Devil’s neck under our feet, practicing self-control regarding food consumption and refusing to eat poisonous foods are essential health protocols we should follow.

Another way to keep the Devil’s neck under our feet is to completely dismiss and rebuke every evil imagination or evil thought or evil temptation that the Devil or his employees bring to us. There are fallen angels who are operating on this earth today under the direct command of Satan. Their aim is to discourage, depress and delete every single human being from the face of this earth. They are never happy to see human beings enjoy the treasures of good health, wholesome food and genuine relationships. However, we have access to as many of God’s angels as we need once we take every situation that troubles us to our Heavenly King – Jesus Christ. I know that there is Power available to us once we exercise our will and place it in God’s hands. He is ever watching and waiting to send a multitude to His angels to counteract every evil temptation or distressing situation that we face.

Keeping the Devil’s neck under our feet also calls for us to set a side quality time for reading God’s Word – the Holy Bible and praying earnestly to Him. I know for a fact that His Word multiplies our faith and strengthens the bones, tissues, ligaments and structure of our life and existence here on earth. For example, try reading the books of 1st Peter, 2nd Peter or James in the New Testament and you will be amazed at the depth and power found in these books. Depth and Power that energize your life are found in the Word of God – His Word exposes the hazy and cloudy philosophies that are being put forward as truth and the real truth about Jesus and God becomes very clear.

In addition to Bible Study and Prayer, building your own library of inspiring songs that talk about Jesus and His Love for us will help you maintain spiritual health. Stamping on the neck of the Devil by saturating your mind, body and soul with powerful music like:
– How Great Thou Art
– Great Is Thy Faithfulness
– His Eye Is On The Sparrow
– Because He Lives
– Victory In Jesus
will energize your soul and body and help you live a victorious and prosperous life today and forever!

May God bless you today!

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