It’s All About Worship!

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All of us were designed primarily to worship. Whether we want to believe it or not. Our choice of clothes, our choice of music, our choice of lifestyle along with many other choices we make is a direct reflection of who we worship.

Today many of us try to give an excuse for our choices by making statements such as:

1. I’m a grown man/woman, I am an adult and have the right to do what I want. OR
2. It’s my life, I can do what I want it doesn’t affect anyone else. OR
3. Oh you only live once so why not just do what feels good.

But are these statements entirely true? Are we just using them as self-talk to silence our conscience from the promptings of the Holy Spirit? Do we not have an account to give to someone someday who is greater than ourselves?  Let us not beat around the bush, let us face the fact that there are only two forces on earth God and satan. The whole controversy between God and satan comes down to one word “Worship.” When satan was kicked out of heaven it was because of worship. He wanted God’s exalted position and he wanted the worship that should be directed to the Creator of the universe to be directed to himself.
Because God originally designed us to worship Himself our entire being is like a compass. We are constantly trying consciously or subconsciously to navigate towards “true north ” – which is worship towards the God who created us – Jehovah.

We all have this inner desire for something more than what this life is offering. We tend to go after many things hoping that it will fill this unquenchable void. We try to avoid the nagging voice that is pointing us to true north. By avoiding that voice we injustice our own selves because the compass within us will only be silenced when it is doing what it was originally designed to do – worship God.

Satan knows this all to well. He knows we were born to worship and so like a flood he comes in to steal the worship that God alone should receive by sending multiple temptations our way. Let me give you some examples to demonstrate how this whole controversy is about worship:

1. A coworker, friend, family member is used by satan to bring discord and contention into your life. To you it might just seem like this person is just mean and out to get you, but it’s bigger than that. Satan wants your worship! He knows that if he can get you entangled in the drama these individuals are trying to bring into your life, he will get your focus and ultimately your worship away from God and to himself.
2. He gets you to believe the lie that you must land a big job to be happy. You go ahead consumed with this goal and maybe one day it becomes a reality, before you know it this same job consumes all your time and attention and you start to neglect your time with God and right there he has your worship.

One of the most subtle ways satan tries to steal our worship is by our everyday choices and decisions. He is constantly looking for ways to envelope us into thinking that our choices and decisions have no effect on ourselves and those around us. He is also desperately trying to trick us into believing that integrity and virtue are insignificant once the expected outcome or result is achieved.

God is a jealous God and He demands complete worship from us. Why shouldn’t he? He made us. Do we not demand respect from our children who we never even made although we were only vessels God used to bring them into this world? Today let the following text remind us of what God requires of us so that we can indeed find that inner peace we are looking for:

Psalm 81:9
You shall have no foreign god among you; you shall not worship any god other than Me.

Psalm 29:2
Ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name; worship the Lord in the splendor of his holiness.

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