Inexpensive Tablet Accessory!

Sometime ago I was just wondering how can I get a tiny stand on which to place my tablet without having to expense myself further. Then one day as I was about to discard an old shoe box the idea hit me! It takes less than five minutes and keeps your tablet well ventilated.

Here are the steps in case you want to try it.

You will need five items. A shoe box, a pair of scissors, a pencil, a soft thin cloth and a ruler.


1. Grab the scissors and ruler.



2. Take an empty shoe box.


3.  Using your ruler and pencil determine and mark out
an angle that is comfortable for you .Then take the
scissors and cut out a groove on the right side of the
box similar to the one shown in the picture below.


4.  Next go to the left side of the box and do a repeat of
step three (3).


5. Cut off the remaining front portion of the box.


6. Place the soft thin cloth in the grooves created for the


7. Place your tablet in the position shown in the pictures




I just want to thank Jesus for giving me this idea to share with you.

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