The Daily Drama

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Its an amazing experience to get up and decide that today I am going to take things slow, step out of the rat race drama and be extra observant and view the world as though I was reading a story book, with the individuals around me being the characters. Many days I have chosen to do this and it has been an extremely interesting activity. These are just some of the things I have seen during this time of observation:

1. Individuals moving about their bodies in a frenzy trying to get to work to make the next dollar to satisfy their needs because of the fear society has trained them to believe that if you don’t keep trying to get, get, get you will end up being in want. They become so engrossed in ‘getting on in life’ that they totally become blind to their fellow human being next to them who is destitute, homeless or just in need of someone to say a kind word to them.

2. Individuals who are so engrossed with looking the part and appearing to be a success that they spend most of their time walking around with these big expensive phones or the latest technology and no longer know how to have a conversation with another human being right beside them that might be lonely and in need of a friend to help them out of their dark moment. And when they finally do have a conversation with a physical person it is fake, cold and empty.

3. Individuals who have become so fearful due to the increase in immorality and crime that this world has created that they are scared to even say hello to a stranger. Eventually they are forced to become a shadow of their own selves as a means of protecting themselves.

4. Individuals who have been thought all their lives that the goal of life is to achieve and become successful at any cost. To gain all they can. This lie propels them to the point that when they do gain this false success they cannot sympathize with fellow human beings that they deem to be less successful than themselves. They can no longer see injustices around them because they feel they are now in a bracket where they can pay themselves out of the misery that the poor man faces.

5. A few people still trying to be hospitable, fair, honest and focused as to the real truth of life and what really matters.

These are just some of the things that I have observed on such days. These days always push me closer to my Saviour and renew my perspective as to what my one purpose on earth is supposed to be, which is Ecclesiastes 12:13 – “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.” If everyone was to keep this command ever before him our world would be void of injustice, because keeping God’s commandments means being fair and just to your fellow man. This would mean no one trying to gain riches at the detriment of his fellow human being, since each person would love everyone as their self. This would eliminate the rat race because everyone would gain a fair chance of securing honest, meaningful employment to take care of their families and everyone would be looking out for each others well being. This would immediately drive out the majority of crime since everyone feels satisfied that they can gain an honest living.

The repercussions of following Ecclesiastes 12:13 are endless but the only down side of it is that man refuses to cooperate with God and His precepts that were put in place for their good and to secure their happiness. Oh what a joy it would be to all concerned if man was to cooperate with God and return to being moral beings. Today make it your business to step out of the rat race at least once in a while I can assure you it will enlarge your perspective on what really matters in life. The following song has been an inspiration to me lately I hope it will be to you also:

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