His Mouth Is Sweetness Itself!!!


Picture above compliments: John Johnson and http://www.free-nature-animal-butterfly-wallpaper.com


I am happy tonight for:

1. Ears and the ability to hear what is happening around.

2. Eyesight

3. Clouds and their spontaneous beauty – I watch them change through my window and it is sooooooooo beautiful!

4. Cool breeze

5. Stars and how they make the sky pretty at night

6. Animals and their different purposes on earth

7. Different varieties of food and fruits – so much varieties are available on earth that we could have one new type for each day

8. Clothes and shoes 

9. A mattress – having spent time sleeping on the floor and feeling the immediate effects of frost bite – a mattress is so wonderful!!!

10. The ability to find solutions to everyday problems

11. Rest

12. Healing of sickness and disease

13. The ocean and the sound of rivers

14. Water

15. Light – the beauty of light in the night and the sun in the day

16. Rain

17. The ability to get rid of garbage and clutter

18. Waterfall

19. Friends and Family

20. Sharing in the beauty of the holiness of God and feeling the power of forgiveness through His blood and His sacrifice!!!

I would just like to give God these 20 Praises for His Wonderful Kindness!

His Mouth Is Sweetness Itself! His Provision Is Sweetness Itself! I can’t stop praising Him!

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