Seven ways to develop faith


Faith is so important.

Everything we do requires some element of faith in order for us to do it or participate in it. When we get in a plane for a long haul flight, we use trust which is an element of faith because we must believe that the pilot knows what he is doing and will get us to our destination safely. When we buy food from a restaurant we must have trust and faith that the people who are preparing our food are using good hygiene so we wont get sick and also that they wont poison us. The list of everyday unconscious faith that we display in things around us can go on and on. For this post I thought of searching for a dictionary definition of Faith but instead I decided to give my own from my own experience. Faith to me is seeing the un-see-able and thinking the impossible. That’s exactly what faith is when it comes to God, for God is incomprehensible and nothing is impossible with him (Luke 1:37). I have compiled seven ways in which both you and I can consciously increase our faith in God:

1. Seeing the UN-see-able and thinking the impossible requires giving over our entire will and soul to the control and custody of Jesus Christ. There is no middle ground or half giving. To have faith in God requires that we give him our entire being. trusting him with the minutest detail of our lives and believing that he is sufficient and capable of handling our affairs. An example of this type of faith is found in Acts 3:16

2. Learning to trust God and believe He has our good at heart and understand that to have faith means to accept the grace given to us by God to enable us to gain the strength required to carry out His will for our lives. John 1:17

3. In order to develop faith we must give up our tendency to be control freaks and perfectionist. We must understand the frailty of our  human nature and that no matter how hard we try to dot all our I’s and cross all our t’s in life mistakes will come and the only way to guarantee that these mistakes work out for our good is to put our trust in God and allow Him to drive our lives instead of us trying to take everything into our own hands. Romans 8:28

4.In order for us to grow in faith we must become like new born babes. Little babies trust their parents totally to care for them and to have their good at heart, because they cannot take care of their own affairs. They are neither matured physically and mentally as yet. We must become just like them believing that God knows more than us and is more capable of taking care of us than we do ourselves. Understanding that our knowledge is limited and sometimes warped and skewed.

5. We must condition our mind to accept Faith. We must train our psyche to go forth into the unknown with God. Placing our hand in his even when we do not know where we are going. We must train our mind to take hold of faith instead of doubt and failure. In order to grow in faith we must think faith and act faith. We cannot want to grow in faith but think and act doubt.

6. We must believe that without faith we cannot be saved. we must believe that faith is an element of being saved ( Ephesians 2:8) and so come what may we must force ourselves to allow God to develop faith in us. This cannot be done in our own strength only through constant and unwavering prayer to God.

7. Be prepared to do whatever God tells you to do and do not be presumptuous in doing your own will and then say oh I was exercising faith. Keep in communion with God through prayer so that His will is always spoken to you. Satan is behind presumption, God is behind Faith.

Today remember Faith can be yours and mine if we choose to believe God wants us to have it even more than we do!

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