Ten ways to Rejoice through food!


1.  Discover the wholesome foods that make you happy. Example, recently I have discovered that when I eat red bean peas it makes me extremely happy.

2.  Find a place where you can have lots of fresh air to do your eating.

3.  Try new food recipes and record the super nice ones.

4.  Stay away from foods that harm your teeth.

5.  Try to eat before you get extremely hungry so you can savor your food instead of gulping down like Cookie Monster.

6.  Share you food with those who are hungry – e.g. beggars, needy persons and shut-in individuals

7.  Share your food with widows, orphans and aliens.

8.  Eat fresh natural foods

9.  Avoid eating in an overstimulating or busy environment.

10.  Remember to say a prayer of thanksgiving to Jesus, thanking Him for your food and all those who help to make it possible for you to eat.

One thought on “Ten ways to Rejoice through food!

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