Wow! The Wodyetia bifurcata — Amazing!


In my travel I have come across palm trees like these ones in the picture above.

Also I have come across palm trees like this type found below:
Image contributor: satit_srihin, published on 10 March 2013 – Stock Photo – image ID: 100145737

However, last month I happened to look up at a palm tree waving its branches right in front of this tourist venue when I noticed this strange look that I was not accustomed to.  It has leaves that pointed in so many different directions and in a four-pointed fuzzy fashion.  The palm tree I saw looked something like this:

Coutesy: Shubhada Nikharge and University of Florida IFAS extension website

As I researched to find out what type of palm tree this was, I found out that the beautiful palm tree I saw – is called the Wodyetia bifurcata as seen in the link below, Courtesy:

The author of this website even has an impressive palm tree guide at:

Immediately my mind thought of where I might have seen something like this before and it clicked that – yes! there is an animal that I know which has the same sort of fuzzy look on its body. The animal I compared to the palm tree to in my mind was a dog known as the American Eskimo dog.

My whole experience was so enriching and invigorating and caused me to remember that I live in a world of so many different varieties and species of plants, birds, fishes, ants, butterflies – soooooooooooooo much that I cannot continue or begin to finish this list of living things and created beauties that just help me remember the greatness and matchless creative power of God!

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