The Art of Communication

Each day millions of words are spoken by millions of people, but how many of us stop to consider what we are communicating before we open our mouths? How many of us really think about the impact each and every word we utter have on both the individual with which we communicate and also with those who are in proximity of hearing what we have said.

Words are indeed powerful! They can encourage or they can discourage. They can cheer the heart or they can bring sadness. They can build up those who hear them or they can tear them down. They can give hope and courage or they can bring fear and doubt. With this in mind it is absolutely important that as we communicate our thoughts each day that we make a conscious effort not to speak even one careless word. In order to do that our thoughts must first be changed and directed to that which is pure, uplifting and elevating since these thoughts are what inspires what we communicate to one another.

Out of the issues of the heart the mouth speaketh. If the thoughts of our heart are not purified then that which we speak will be harsh, cheap, discouraging words that only adds to the hardship of our fellow men. Christ must be ever present in our hearts so that our tongue can be under his control. The book of James speaks strongly about how unruly the human tongue can be. The human tongue is like a sword if not controlled and handled with care it can cause damage not only to the person who holds it but also to the person whom it is directed to.

Let us choose today to speak words that comfort and strengthen those around us. Let us choose to displace doubt and careless talk out of our lives. Let us choose to flush faultfinding and complaining out of our vocabulary. Let us choose to speak only when we have considered our words and know with all certainty that they have an influence for good and not for evil. Let us also choose to learn the beauty of silence if we realize that what we are about to say would do more harm than good. Let us remember the wise words of Proverbs 10:19 every single time before we speak. It says “When words are many, sin is not absent, but he who holds his tongue is wise.”

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