Habits are like a good box of chocolate, we keep going back to them time and time again. Nothing is wrong with that if our habits are directed in the right direction but when our habits have a question mark over them thats where our problem begins. Some habits are good for example a habit of doing good to others, or a habit of brushing your teeth after every meal or washing your hands before you eat but some habits are destructive such as the habit of worry, the habit of fear, the habit of doubting, the habit of complaining, the habit of faultfinding…………. and I could go on and on about many destructive types of habits. My point is this – wrong habits are difficult to unlearn and thats why they are so destructive and should not be entertained. When I say entertained I don’t just mean stop doing them alone but also stop entertaining the thought of doing them in the mind! Most habits start with a mind set and so we need to redirect our mindsets against bad habits.

For instance I have a bad habit of sometimes on occasions thinking that things are not going how i want or worrying about the future and i start complaining and falling into self-pity and just when i am doing that God normally sends someone to pass me on the street with one leg or one hand or NO hands. This slaps me in the face as I look at that person still going along life getting on with it whether they have to hop on a crutch or push a wheel chair or maneuver with one hand and guess what the ultimate slap in my face they are doing it cheerfully! This is where God arrests me and without uttering a word from his mouth reminds me of how blessed I am. I have two hands and two feet. While I am there thinking up the worst possible thoughts about my situation God is showing me that by complaining and forgetting to give Him praise for the many blessings He has given me in the present there is someone who has things more difficult but they have learnt to use their situation positively. However, at those times what i am actually doing is neglecting to be thankful for what is infront of me and choosing to borrow trouble from the future by worrying. This is a bad habit and the list could go on and on. However bad habits must be changed if we are to live with a thankful heart even in the midst of trials.

Our habits decide our future so they must be broken. If I continue to have a habit of complaining I will grow miserable and unthankful when God has called me to rise above the gloom I can see to what He can do for me to change me into the person he wants me to be.

So how do we overcome our bad habits? In order to kick them to the curve we must develop a desire to do that which is right. We must allow the power of Christ to reform us so that our direction and viewpoints are changed. Only Jesus can break the chains of bad habits. We cannot do it in our own strength or we will revert to those bad habits time and time again. The only safeguard for any of us against bad habits is allowing God to give us a desire to think right. Proverbs 23:7 says as “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he”. Self-restraint gets stronger and stronger the more it is practiced. At first to break a bad habit may seem hard but by constant repetition and determination to replace it with good habits the right thing becomes easier and easier to do and before you know it right thoughts and actions become your new friend. God bless you today!

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