Happiness is a very illusive thing in our society today. However, no matter how illusive it is millions still search after it with determination and conscientiousness. If this nine letter word is so searched after then what constitutes it. What really is happiness?

Is happiness a new shoe? A new car? A promotion on the job? Getting a job? In my humble opinion none of these have ever given me REAL happiness. They are only short lived joys but by a day or two (yep! sometimes that quickly) the so called happiness is gone. Real happiness in my life experience is to be hidden in the Rock Christ Jesus!!! You might be thinking to yourself that is sooooo cliche! but really its not! The only long lasting happiness that my soul has ever experienced is a life covered in the grace and mercy of Jehovah.

So you might be wondering how do i access this happiness then? Its simple – have confidence in God. Push through the darkness around you by taking hold of Jesus as your Saviour and personal friend. Let him do the worrying about every day cares and anxieties for you. Present your case before him and watch him work in your life. When you do this you are sure to be in a better place. A place where Jesus is now your captain, guide and Lord. Your future will be sure and even if things do go wrong you have the surety that God is with you and fighting every battle for your present and eternal good. “Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice” (Philippians 4:4), One famous author says once you do this yours will be a joyous life.This is so true this is my personal experience. Try it today and see if it can become yours!!

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