We sing the Almighty power of God!

There is a beautiful song entitled ” I sing the mighty power of God” which captures the creation story in Genesis 1 Perfectly. Every time I sing this song I am reminded of the GREATNESS of Jehovah and the praise that is due Him.

God is so wonderful every new day is a blessing. He gives us beautiful sunrises and wonderful sunsets to enjoy. He remembers every morning to give us the oxygen we need to live. The fresh morning air is a testament to the fact that God loves each and everyone of us. He took the time in the night to replenish and clean the air from all our man made pollutions.

Most mornings when we can if we are not too busy we take a walk and sit by the seaside. The wonders of God’s hands are ever present there. The birds in their beauty sore majestically over the sea as they score its vastness for fish. The rhythm of the sea itself shouts hallelujah to the Great Creator of the Universe. The fresh smell of the sea and all the life forms that call it home rejuvenates and replenishes the mind.

Today if you live near to the sea take a walk near to it and stop awhile from the hustle and bustle of life and breath in its natural medicine of calm to the soul and hope to the bones. You never know it may do more for you than you could ever imagine! God Bless you today!

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